A Message to Our Members from Stitching M.O.E.T Foundation: Cyling Rally


A Message to Our Members from Stitching M.O.E.T Foundation: Cyling Rally

Dear GNBCC Members,   

Cycling from Accra (Ghana) to Yoya (Burkina Faso) sounds a bit extreme right?  It is going to happen this summer! And we are not just cycling because we love cycling in the Ghanaian sun. No! With a group of 30 students from Amsterdam, have accepted this challenge because we are celebrating the opening of a new school. Why will 30 students from Amsterdam cycle all these miles to celebrate the opening of  a school in Burkina Faso you ask? Well, the reason for this extraordinary trip is due to our foundation, Stichting M.O.E.T. (Met Onderwijs Een Toekomst = Through Education A Future) opening its second school this summer. For over eight years, Stichting M.O.E.T. has  provided the CFTP/M.O.E.T. Craft School in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) with funds raised and funds donated  by students (members)  of the biggest student association of The Netherlands. The CFTP/M.O.E.T. Craft School provides the children of Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) with education, which enables them to have a better future. 

The success of the first project contributed to the development of our second project, an agriculture school. 80% of the population of Burkina Faso live off the production of its agricultural sector. In two years, children of the local farmers will have the opportunity to learn different techniques on how to work efficiently in the sector.

Stichting M.O.E.T. has 6 board members between the ages of 21-25, who are all students at the University of Amsterdam. The organization raises money to support the children and students in Burkina Faso through the organization of  fun events and projects in Amsterdam. This cycling rally is our newest project. We will celebrate the opening together with 30 students from our student association who are all ambassadors of Stichting M.O.E.T. 

We as board members of Stichting M.O.E.T. are very proud to inform you that we’ll start this adventure on the 26th of June, 2017 and the  journey will last 2,5 weeks. 

This will be our planning/route:

26 June till 28 June - Arrival and stay in Accra.

Day 1 = 29 June: Accra - Kumasi 260 km drive.

Day 2 = 30 June: Kumasi - Techiman 180 km drive and cycling.

Day 3 = 1 July: Techiman - parque national Mole. 200 km drive and cycling.

Day 4 = 2 July: A rest day in the Mole park, close to Nakwabi.

Day 5 = 3 July: Nakwabi - Wa (80 km).

Day 6 = 4 July: Wa - Yagha (62 km).

Day 7 = 5 July: Yagha - Boe (58 km).

Day 8 = 6 July: Boe - Koleka (60 km).

Day 9 = 7 July: Koleka - Bondigui (60,6 km).

Day 10 = 8 July: Bondigui- Bobo Dioulasso.

Our aim is to cycle 50 kilometers per day (except the Accra-Kumasi track because of the dangerous traffic). If it will be too tough, we will cycle less and drive a bit more.

This adventure takes some doing. It is quite a challenge to organize such a trip in West-Africa from our office located in Amsterdam. That is why we want to kindly reach out to the Members of the GNBCC for assistance. We can use all help available, and will be grateful for any help given to us.



* Contacts who can welcome us at the villages or cities we pass. If you know of a nice accommodation or have a friend along our route who will be willing to meet us and help us, let us know! We want to organize football matches with the local population.

* A Bus for 25-30 persons, a van and a little truck for our luggage. 

* A guide who can help us navigate our way through Ghana and who knows the      people of Ghana  and its languages well.

* Participants who want to accept this fun challenge with us and join (a part of) our cycling trip through Ghana.

* Companies who want to be a part of this cause and sponsor our trip by helping us get water, food, spare parts, tents, cycling gear etc.

In return, we will offer your company exposure and publicly on the anniversary of our student association (15-23 July) which will attract 15.000 unique visitors. One of our board members recently graduated from the Dutch TV Academy and he will make a documentary about our trip and the schools in Burkina Faso.Your company can have their name on our cars, shirts, Facebook or documentary. 

You can visit our website: http://www.stichtingmoet.nl for more information. Send us a message on our Facebook page (Stichting M.O.E.T.) or send us an email. We hope to hear from you and meet some of you when we are in Ghana!

Secretary: secretaris@stichtingmoet.nl

President: voorzitter@stichtingmoet.nl

Events: intern@stichtingmoet.nl


With kind regards,

Claire Steijn

President Stichting M.O.E.T.


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