Think! Data Services Ltd And Akvo Foundation Sign Partner Agreement


Think! Data Services Ltd And Akvo Foundation Sign Partner Agreement

Accra, September 7th 2017

One of GNBCCs members, THINK! Data Services Ltd., has recently signed a partner agreement with Akvo Foundation, a Dutch organization, with the aim of promoting the Akvo Flow mobile data collection tool in Ghana.

Akvo ( provides several open source software tools and training, support and consulting services. Their tools are currently used by hundreds of organisations and a dozen national governments globally. Akvo already has a strong presence in other West African countries, including Mali and Burkina Faso. This partnership will further strengthen their presence in the region.

Akvo Flow is a mobile data collection tool, designed to help organisations collect high-quality data for fact-based decision making. Originally designed for use in the water and sanitation sector, Akvo Flow is currently used by over one hundred organisations in sectors such as conservation and agriculture, among others.

The partnership with THINK! Data Services (, a Dutch-Ghanaian enterprise with its main office in Accra, is aimed at improving activities and brand awareness of Akvo in Ghana. THINK! Data Services, having solid experience with data collection tools and services, will offer Akvo Flow to new partners in Ghana. Due to their suitable track record, THINK has the expertise to help organisations to successfully implement Akvo Flow in their project(s) or internal management processes and ensure appropriate use in the long-term. 

Interested in more information or a demo on Akvo Flow? Contact Linda Buame of THINK! Data Services at or +233 54 011 4853. 

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