Alkebulan’s Awakening: Post Contemporary Dance Production And Installation



The gravity of the repercussions of The Middle Passage on the people of African Descent has been both traumatizing and long-lived.  We as artists would like to, deeply give our gratitude to UNESCO for calling attention to this profound calamity and proclaiming 2015 - 2025 the decade of people of African Descent.

In light of the above, the National Theatre of Ghana, with its resident companies: the National Dance Company, National Symphony Orchestra, and the National Drama Company, in collaboration with El Wah Movement Dance Theater (USA) presents Alkebulan’s Awakening.  Alkebulan means mother of humanity. It is an indigenous name for Africa. A post-contemporary dance performance that is created by Stephany Ursula Yamoah Deputy Director of the National Dance Company and Colette Eloi, Artistic Director of El Wah Movement Dance Theater on September 21 through to the 23, 2017 at the National Theatre of Ghana.

The piece is about an African women’s journey through the Middle Passage and back.  The piece will take the audience on the heroine’s journey which will engage issues of identity, culture, and mental awakening. 

This dance production incorporates multimedia elements along with oral tradition based art forms. The story tells of Alkebulan’s journey from Africa to the Americas, and the challenges she must overcome. It is also the story of Africa.  Her major obstacle is realizing her own worth in the world of patriarchy and racism. Alkebulan must discover her rightful place in the world.

Alkebulan’s Awakening, juxtaposes deep beauty with the negative residual effects of the Middle Passage; addressing topics of mental liberation, ancestral knowledge, and the beautiful African spirit and its global manifestations. Alkebulan’s Awakening draws attention to the epic atrocity of the transatlantic slave trade as an abomination against humanity.


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