Introducing New GNBCC Project Manager of Liberia - Theo Dennis


Introducing New GNBCC Project Manager of Liberia - Theo Dennis

GNBCC will like to introduce their new Project Manager in Liberia, Mr Theo Dennis. Theo started on the 1st of September in Monrovia and will be setting up the Liberian Netherlands Business and Culture Council.

Theo Dennis  is also President of the Agro-Industrial & Investment Development Corporation (AIDCORP), a strategic business advisory firm, with development strategy and facilitation consultancy services covering infrastructure, fisheries, forestry, mining and logistics.

In addition to providing guidance and support to foreign firms, identifying opportunities, and navigating the business terrain, Mr. Dennis is also very active in promoting efficient PPP strategy for developing alternative energy, water and sewerage opportunities, focusing on private equity investments.

His areas of expertise include financial management, strategy and business development in both the United States (10 years) and Liberia. Prior to founding AIDCORP, he was Managing Partner of a successful Liberian-German consortium, Coastal Marine Transit, that provided cargo services between Liberia and Ivory Coast.  From 1988-1998, Mr. Dennis was General Manager for Monrovia Fishing and Trading Corporation, exporting seafood to Europe with 17 shrimp trawlers.

On-going projects involving Liberian business terrain navigation on behalf of Dutch companies include:

- Monrovia Waterbus Transport & Liberia Coastal Shipping: Holland Shipyards

- Dredging: Aurora Netherlands B.V.

- Fishing Trawlers: Damen Shipyards

If you are in Liberia operating your business or want to have more info on investment opportunities, please contact  the LNBCC / Theo Dennis.

Contact details LNBCC/Theo Dennis:

Tel + 231 77 752 0008


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