Akvo Training On The Use Of Akvoflow Tool For Data Collection


Akvo Training On The Use Of Akvoflow Tool For Data Collection

THINK! Data Services Ltd, has recently signed a partnership agreement with Akvo Foundation, a Dutch organization, with the aim of promoting the Akvo Flow mobile data collection tool in Ghana. As a partner, Think! Data  and Barnabas Apom (Akvo Training Consultant) conducted a training for the staff of Green Advocacy in Ghana on how to use Akvo Flow to effectively gather and share their project data.

Green Advocacy Needs

Gathering field data can sometimes be tedious without the appropriate tools and expertise. Green Advocacy Ghana (GreenAd), an organization that aims at upholding and enhancing the sustainability and integrity of Ghana’s environment through partnerships in research, development of environmental databases, capacity building , dissemination of environmental information, promotion and enforcement of environment laws and regulations needed to gather field data on a project. They therefore needed a tool that is designed to eliminate the challenges in manual field data collection using paper and pencil and also controlling any possible forms of field errors during inputs and data entry. In their search for a solution, they got in touch with akvoflow, through Think! Data.

What is the Akvoflow Tool?

Akvoflow is a data collection and monitoring tool that works anywhere. Using a smartphone and an online workspace, Akvo Flow makes it simple to gather reliable, geographically referenced data that can be used straight away. You can use it to map situations on the ground quickly and share the information with whoever need it on the go. When you at think of gathering any field data, either quantitative or qualitative, think of Akvoflow. It makes field data collection easier, reliable and fast.

About Think! Data

Think! Data Services Limited which is now the official partner of Akvoflow in Ghana  is a social enterprise established in Accra (Ghana, West Africa). Their goal is to deliver affordable and innovative data collection technologies to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and public institutions in different market segments.

Think! Data offers a combination of high-quality data capture tools and data processing software in one customized data collection solution. Their solutions can be deployed for a variety of data collection processes, from field data collection as part of a census to exam marking and quality assessments at a university. They aim to make their solutions also accessible to small- and medium-sized organizations for them to become more efficient and competitive within their sector.

THINK Data has the expertise to help organisations to successfully implement Akvo Flow in their project(s) or internal management processes and ensure appropriate use in the long-term. If you are interested in more information or a demo on Akvo Flow, please contact Linda Buame of THINK! Data Services at linda@thinkdataservices.com or +233 54 011 4853.

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