Breakthrough: Dual Nationality For Dutch Allowed


Breakthrough: Dual Nationality For Dutch Allowed

Last Tuesday, the new Dutch government presented its plans concerning dual nationality. The new Dutch government wants to modernize the nationality laws. It will enlarge the possibilities to have more nationalities for the 1st generation emigrants. The 2nd generation will have a mandatory moment of choice for only one nationality. 

This is finally a breakthrough for a lot of Dutchmen living abroad who chose or were forced by circumstances (family, livelihood, residenship) to take up the nationality of the country they emigrated to. As a result they often lost their Dutch nationality of their birth right. The Dutch government has always been very strict in the past on this matter, and stripped a lot of Dutch emigrants from their Dutch nationality. You could lose your Dutch passport if you had forgotten to renew it; one of the silliest reasons to lose your birthright.

The more urgent reason behind this change of the Dutch government is the approaching Brexit: when the UK will leave the European Union a lot of Dutch people are insecure if they can continue to work in the UK; with this measure they can get a British passport without losing their Dutch nationality.

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