Beach House for Sale in Gomoa Fetteh


Beach House for Sale in Gomoa Fetteh

The House is called Francisca Bay and is situated at Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region, just one hour drive from Kotoka International Airport through West Hills, Kasoa to the North East branching of at Akoti junction to the Beach.

Francisca Bay  is on the same beach stretch as No.1 Tills Beach Resort, a very clean and calm beach/shore line. It  is also near White Sands Beach Resort.

The Beach house is situated on a 3.37 acre of lease hold land. It has a round shaped open space structural Edifice,  joined with two self-contained bedrooms, a store room, a kitchen and a guest wash room which has been built on 40sq ft. of land, 15 ft. to the shore line. At the top of the land, there are two rooms, one bed room  and a generator room, two big water tanks and the house is connected to the National Electricity Grid and the Water Company.

If you are interested, please contact our GM Tjalling Wiarda at under subject: Beach House

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