GTP Unveils New Brand Campaign And 4th Quarter Collection


GTP Unveils New Brand Campaign And 4th Quarter Collection

Tex Styles Ghana limited, producers of GTP and Woodin fabrics has launched a new marketing campaign to reinforce its position as a leading textiles manufacturer in the country.

Speaking at an event held on the company’s premises last Friday at Tema, the Marketing Director of GTP. Rev Stephen Badu explained that the purpose of the campaign is to refresh and reinforce the brand promise of GTP, which is expressed as 'Timeless Grace'.

According to him, the company decided to reinforce the unique value proposition it has in the minds of consumers in order to stay true to the GTP brand.

“For well over fifty (50) years, GTP has been consistent in its promise of offering consumers premium quality fabrics, timeless designs, and strong heritage that make them took and feel beautiful, proud, confident and culturally in tune. We can confidently say that GTP has become the second skin of Ghanaians' declares Rev Badu.

He said the company will embark on the new campaign by utilizing cultural attributes and courtesies associated with Ghanaians to demonstrate to the rest of the world the sociable and hospitable nature of Ghanaians and by so doing inspire others to do the same.

Rev Badu said, 'we know Ghanaians to be quite graciousness by virtue of our cultural upbringing. Through this campaign, we simply want to encourage Ghanaians Teach more, Share more, innovate more, celebrate more and Love more.

All these virtues inspire positive change and growth.'

Speaking on the issue of counterfeiting in the textile industry, he said the brand has become a target for counterfeiters due to its uniqueness and innovative measures adopted by the company to stay ahead.

He explained that counterfeiting thrives because government has failed to enforce existing rules which includes following due process in filing pattern and design application, importation of finished wax prints through the appropriate quarters and paying the right duties and taxes.

He said the company had suggested to government notably to create a comprehensive policy document that will introduce a special tax stamp on all textile products on the market in order to find out which of the imported textiles paid the right duties and taxes to government.

“But they have gone ahead to launch the special anti piracy tax force and we boycotted it because all these elements that was crucial to killing the counterfeiting and smuggling industry was not done," he added

The event was also used to launch a new collection of GTP for the Christmas season called PEARL.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the collection, Ms Vivian Ata, Product Manager of GTP brand said the Creative team was inspired by the high value that Consumers place on the brand and therefore sought to create 'Pearl -like' designs that will make them stand Out at any social event this Christmas.

Employees of the company hit the runway in their own fashion styles and designs to showcase the eleven designs unveiled by the company.

The National Symphony Orchestra and the Ghana dance ensemble spiced the occasion with several melodious tunes.

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