British Council Creative Hubs Training In Abuja


British Council Creative Hubs Training In Abuja

In December, GDN and GDN member MESH were selected by British Council to be part of the Creative Hub Training which took place at the British Council in Abuja, Nigeria from 4th-9th December 2017. The aim of the training was to start bringing together creative industry work all over west Africa hence, was joined by creative groups from Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria and other creative hubs from Ghana. GDN’s Coordinator Joana Chemel represented GDN during this training joining 24 other group representatives and was one of the six selected creative communities from Ghana- GDN, ISpace, Kumasi Hive, HapaSpace, MESH and Tentmaker Ghana.

During the training, the participants took part in exercises and intense capacity building programmes, organized by the British Council and facilitated by NESTA UK. This program is said to be the beginning phase (Introductory stage) of a two year training program for the West African Creative Industries, to revive the whole creative economy in West Africa. Training included pitching your creative business, business/customer journey mapping, creative enterprising, group assignments, networking events, visits to some Nigerian Creative Spaces, among other exciting activities with focus on the role of the Creative Industries in National Development.

About the Creative Hubs Programme

The Creative Hubs Programme will support hubs to strengthen their sustainability through a programme of facilitator-led and peer-to-peer learning and networking for hub managers or founders involved in day-to-day leadership or management of the hubs. The programme will also support participating hubs to develop their business support, capacity building and advisory services to artists and creative entrepreneurs and focuses on young people between the ages of 18-35 and involved in the day-to-day activities of the Creative group. The expected outcome for the programme is a more vibrant network of stronger hubs across West Africa and the UK that stimulate increased capacity in creative ecosystems in the hubs’ locations. Grant Support to participating hubs to deliver training, networking and artistic showcasing programmes, create exciting new digital arts content and / or take part in exchange activity with other participating hubs will be available from January 2018 for Creative groups to apply.

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