In Memoriam: Sven van Laak


In Memoriam: Sven van Laak

It is with sadness that we inform you of the passing of Sven van Laak on January 11th 2018 in Tema. Sven was the owner and director of the pallet-producing company Lecaro Limited in Tema. He also was an active member of the Dutch business community in Ghana. 

A memorial service was held in Tema last Wednesday. From GNBCC we offer our sincere condolences.

In Memoriam: Sven van Laak (1 October 1977 - 11 January 2018) 

Sven was born and raised in The Netherlands and was a beloved son for his parents and a tough but caring brother for his older sister and younger brother.

Sven also turned out to be an amazing father for his son Thierry, especially after his wife passed away.

In line with Sven’s intention to get the best out of life and never avoid any challenges, he chose to follow up the business in Ghana, a smashing job! Though he was well instructed by his father, Sven took the opportunity to improve and accelerate this business and, moreover, he was able to run this in his own way.

He surely understood how to connect with people and build bridges, he became a very special friend for all who were able to embrace his free spirit and especially to those who were lucky to experience the most enjoyable times with him.

If you've met Sven, you will never forget him!

The saddest news reached us on the 11th of January when Sven got into an accident with his motorbike. Though he fought for his life, he could not win this unequal battle. 

Sven will be deeply missed!


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