GNBCC – Researchlime Market Research Services


GNBCC – Researchlime Market Research Services

In partnership with Researchlime Ltd, GNBCC is able to provide a comprehensive market research services to its members. Researchlime Limited is a private research company that specializes in market research services, logistical arrangement and stakeholder engagement for organizations targeting the Ghanaian market.

With over 52 active field research associates dotting across the country, Researchlime works closely with known consultancy firms, NGOs and government institutions at the grassroots level. Since 2012, Researchlime has been providing sub-contracting services for recognized consultants and organizations in Ghana on major projects see company profile attached for more details.  

Based in the capital Accra, Researchlime is able to tap into the capacity of our regional associates in identifying the right contacts for community engagement, mobilizing support for projects, and undertaking field data collection services. Researchlime is also assisting research organizations to migrate from manual data collection using paper and pencil to the use of digital tools that runs on mobile devices-therefore enhancing data integrity and transparency.

As of the 1st of January 2018 GNBCC works with Researchlime to offer the comprehensive markets services to its Members. Researchlime is headed by GNBCC’s colleague Barnabas Apom. For more information on all forms of market studies, assistance with field data collection, organizing focus group discussions, community engagement and other research related assignments please contact Barnabas at or Tjalling at

To find more about Researchlime, visit or send an email to or
Office Line: 0302767825; Mobile: 0245379944 / 0205897681
Office Location: Maradona Junction, Asheley Botwe, Madina – School Juction Road

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