Maxim Nyansa presents Campaingn: Computers for Schools in Ghana


Maxim Nyansa presents Campaingn: Computers for Schools in Ghana

GNBCC member Maxim Nyansa IT solutions is an NGO with the mission to create career perspective for young people in Ghana with information technology. In 2016 and 2017 they have executed successful innovation programs for Junior High Schools in both Accra and the Ashanti Region.  It is a whole integrated approach, involving the local community to create a learning transformation for Schools. 

Young Ghanaians want to learn 21st century skills

When one travels in Ghana, he finds schools and children everywhere. And although free education is available for all at the primary and high schools, parents and teachers are aware of the fact that the 21st century needs so-called 21st century skills, which is lacking in most areas. Digital literacy and access to online resources are very important to prepare young Ghanaians for their future job market.  Maxim Nyansa helps schools to take this step, with the necessary facilities, training of teachers, and maintenance.  A three year Memorandum of Understanding with local stakeholders (school administrators, local government, Chief and traditional council, businesses etc.) safeguards a good execution of the program. Everyone contributes and feels responsible for its success and sustainability.

As a GNBCC member you can help: give your old computer a second life! 

For 2018, there are hundreds of schools on the waiting list, and it is clear that most of them do not have the financial resources to buy the necessary hardware (desktop computers, projectors, smartboards) to make a start. The national budget for Education in Ghana cannot cover the need for all of this at this time. 

But there is something you can do: if your organization is planning to replace its used computers,  Maxim Nyansa is happy to collect this hardware, and its engineers will clean and repair for deprived Schools. When it is junk, they take it to be recycled. They will track your computer and will tell you to what school it goes. 

Contact: or call 0209057157 whatsapp: +233209057157 or

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