Training Offer by new GNBCC Member Blend Your Learning


Training Offer by new GNBCC Member Blend Your Learning

Blend Your Learning is a learning company for young professionals and middle managers, who want to develop their professional skills and competencies.

Blend Your Learning offers a blended learning approach which combines virtual and face to face environment to deliver globally standardized content, localized to the African environment. A combination of individual study, learning through experts and collaborative learning is used to achieve this.

The beta training program is starting from the 10th of March - 10th of May. Courses will be offered on: effective communication (business writing, presentation, design tips & hacks) and project management. 

Blend Your Learning is designed for business professionals that need to be trained on basic professional skills that lead to increased productivity and professionalism. If you have a staff or you need to shore up on your project management or effective communication skills, you can apply here.

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