New GNBCC Member: AbuFatawu Limited


New GNBCC Member: AbuFatawu Limited

AbuFatawu Limited is an agro business company registered in 2014 to provide solution to farmers in food related areas. The directors of Abu Fatawu are part owners of a fruit juice concentrate production facility in Ghana. They have formed several Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) and have connected them to reliable markets. AbuFatawu has commissioned a pineapple concentrate factory in Benin for a client. They are also involved in managing a 700 acre pineapple farm in Ghana.  

The company is engaged in the following activities: 

  • Citrus Peel Processing;
  • Fresh Pineapples, Oranges;
  • Orange and Pineapple Juice Concentrates;
  • Palm Oil; 
  • Cassava chips;
  • Ginger, Pepper and Other Vegetables; 
  • Farm management for clients.

AbuFatawu also builds factories for clients who want to go into the processing of the above products, designs, construction, sourcing the requisite machinery, installation, quality system, commissioning and marketing of output products.

For more information, please see:

Contact:, +233 206945491, +233 268333036.


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