New Member: Hofstede Insights


New Member: Hofstede Insights

Alette Vonk is a freelance trainer/consultant in intercultural management and change facilitation. She is an Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights internationally well known for in depth cultural consultancy.

Doing business across borders may take you on a fascinating yet challenging ride. Motivation and performance of personnel; planning and deadlines; leadership, bureaucracy and information flow: these may just form some of the issues you’ll encounter. While some business support services may offer you practical tips or contacts, Hofstede Insights shows you the logic, the assumptions and the rationale behind the behavior of people (from customer to employee, from civil servant to customs officer), which will enable you to strategize in any given situation. With our unique combination of organisational culture scans and national culture tools, Hofstede Insights moves you beyond cultural awareness to global effectiveness.

Vonk holds an MA in Development Sociology and Practitioner's certificates in Intercultural Management (ICM); Organisational Culture (OC); Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Organisational Development (OD). In the past twenty-five years she has given training and managed change processes of teams, companies and communities. Coming from the Netherlands herself, she lived and worked in Ghana for five years, and another five years in Benin, Cameroon and Botswana. She’s a lecturer Intercultural Management at the University of Leiden  and her clients range from small to large companies, development agencies, non-governmental and government organisations.

Make your company more effective today: arrange a free conversation over skype or face to face: mail to or call at +31 6 2215 1182.

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