Super-sized presidential staff: CDD-Ghana demands better particulars


Super-sized presidential staff: CDD-Ghana demands better particulars

The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has asked Parliament to review the list of (998) presidential staffers submitted by the presidency and demand additional information and clarity.

The additional information relates to “the precise roles and duties of the many political personnel listed with uninformative and vague job titles as well as require a disclosure of the salaries and emoluments attached to the listed positions,” said a statement by CDD-Ghana calling for action against what it termed as the ‘growing super-sized presidential staff and retinue.”

The demands follow the submission to Parliament last week of a list of 998 as staffers at the Office of Government Machinery, which has since engendered various debates.

The CDD-Ghana statement further demanded that “In the medium to long term, Parliament must review the Presidential Office Act, along with the Civil Service Act (as amended), with a view to depopulating the Presidency of the many needless agencies that currently fall within its organogram.”

Source: Isaac Yeboah, Daily Graphic, 25 April 2018. 

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