Questionnaire from the Nederlandse School in Ghana, also for adult education and re-pat families


Questionnaire from the Nederlandse School in Ghana, also for adult education and re-pat families

For the past few months, the Netherlands School in Accra is reviewing the lessons offered currently at the School and its cultural activities, to analyze if they can increase the scope of the School in Ghana, for example with adult education. They would like to hear your opinion, ideas, and suggestions in order to prepare a draft proposal.

The officially accredited Nederlandse School in Ghana was established 25 years ago and had a main focus to educate children of a Dutch and Belgium background who lived in Ghana temporarily. However, over the recent years, there is a growing number of people with ties to the Netherlands or Belgium who are permanently living in Ghana, in addition to the traditional expat.

For the past years, there were many ideas to restructure the Dutch school based on the needs of adults and their children. By means of the proposal that will be developed, they would like to conceptualize those ideas in order to develop a concrete action plan to make the school more accessible to a broader audience.

They  have prepared a questionnaire which you can also fill in if you don’t have any children and are mainly interested in adult education or cultural activities. By the end of May or in June, they would like to organize focus group discussions to ensure that we have a true reflection of your ideas before we will finalize the proposal.

Please click on the Dutch or English link below in order to open the questionnaire (the link works best with Chrome). It won't take more than 10 minutes of your time. The link is active until Friday 18th of May. Please share this information with any other person who might be interested in Dutch classes or cultural events.

English version: 

Dutch version: 
(Please note: you can’t open both links at the same time)

If you have any further questions you can us contact on or call +233 (0)249950579

Thanks in advance/ bedankt alvast.

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