EU Data Protection Rules: Remain Updated with GNBCC


EU Data Protection Rules: Remain Updated with GNBCC

Dear Reader,

We are sending this Newsflash in light of the recent EU data protection rules. 

You receive a weekly Newsletter as well as sometimes a Newsflash because your mail address has been voluntarily submitted through our homepage to remain updated about our activities, projects, seminars, cocktails plus news articles relating to doing business in Ghana.

We take your privacy serious hence we need to be certain that you want to keep receiving our Newsletter and Newsflashes. If NOT please send an e-mail to with the title unsubscribe or use the unsubscribe function in the Newsletter or Newsflash so we remove your e-mail from our database.

For GNBCC Members: Your e-mail address or personal data are only used for sending Newsletters, Newsflashes, personal invitations or future GNBCC promotions, discounts on Member activities. Especially for the GNBCC Members: your personal data will NOT be shared with third parties . As a GNBCC Member you have a right to look at the data we have from you or your company.

Any questions , please send an e-mail to

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