VIA Water Café organized on 22nd June 2018 in Accra


VIA Water Café organized on 22nd June 2018 in Accra

VIA Water entrepreneurs and project owners met together at the Dutch Embassy in Accra for a Café to share and better communicate their products to the business world.

The objective of the meeting was to share updates on their individual water projects, network and solicit more ideas from other project owners as they continue to implement their projects. 

In attendance were project partners from:

  • Closing The Water Loop for Car Washing Stations in Ghana. An innovative project that is recycling wastewater with the objective of protecting water from pollution and conserving huge volumes of water; 
  • The Bongo Groundwater Defluoridation project, which is aiming to treat fluoride contaminated groundwater in Bongo in the northern part of Ghana; 
  • Skyfox Self Billing Platform that aims to give clients of Ghana Water Company Limited the ability to easily get their water bills and make payments;
  • as well as others project partners. To view more details on VIA Water's Innovation Projects in Ghana and other African countries, visit

VIA Water tracks down and supports innovative solutions for water problems in seven African countries, focusing on 12 pressing needs in the urban context. The areas include water harvesting, groundwater, water quality, data, drinking water, sanitation, water in urban agriculture, institutional strengthening, water allocation, financial arrangements, urban planning and floods & droughts.

The fund, which is currently closed, is still supporting a number of projects to implement innovations. The VIA Water Café, which was organized and facilitated by GNBCC and VIA Water was attended by 22 participants comprising of VIA Water project owners. For more information visit or contact Barnabas Apom of GNBCC.

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