New Member: Maridav Ghana Limited


New Member: Maridav Ghana Limited

GNBCC will like to introduce a new member, Maridav Ghana Limited.

Maridav Ghana Limited was incorporated in 1987 as a Private Limited Liability Company and has represented Roche Vitamins/DSM Nutritional products for over 20 years. 

They process, import, and export poultry and livestock feed, ingredients, veterinary drugs and equipment, they distribute and sell animal feed, ingredients, veterinary drugs and equipment and lastly they act as manufacturers` representatives. After over 25 years of dedication to this purpose, Maridav Ghana Limited has become a leading brand and a recognized authority within the local poultry and livestock industries. The business was formed at a time when there was a scarcity in the supply of pharmaceuticals and feed additives needed by poultry farmers. 

The Directors of the Company who were running a commercial layer farm and hatchery decided to set up the Company to address this need and in turn promote the development of the local poultry industry.

Contact Information



Phone No.: 0303 938 088 (Tema)

Phone No.: 020 329 7553 (Kumasi)

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