New Member: Ribeth Hygenyk Foods


New Member: Ribeth Hygenyk Foods

GNBCC wishes to introduce its newest member, Ribeth Hygenyk Foods.

Ribeth Hygenyk Foods has over the past 5 years, been producing and marketing a brand of traditional Ghanaian pepper sauce under the name Goody’s Lovely Shitor. The brand is present in all major supermarkets in Ghana across 5 regions.  The Founder and CEO, explains that while growing up, the education of young girls was sacrificed for boys and therefore feels the need for this to be atoned for. Ribeth Hygenyk Foods was therefore founded with the major aim of helping to change the lives of women and children especially those in rural areas where girls' education are often sacrificed for boys.  In pursuit of this mission, the company sources its inputs exclusively and directly from rural women engaged in the farming of perishable farm produce.  The belief being that the best panacea for poverty eradication in rural areas is by providing ready market access. The company also reserves ninety-five percent of all job openings for women with the only male employees being the drivers and the founder himself.

Contact Information:

Alex Kodwiw (Chief Executive Officer)

Phone Number: +233203894 837

Email Address:


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