New Member: Environment360


New Member: Environment360

Environment360 is a Ghana-based NGO that helps communities harvest the full value of their waste by creating recycling schemes and educational campaigns that help communities adopt sustainable habits. 

They partner with both the public and private sector to create impactful programs that reflect the culture and values of the communities we serve. 

The organization is sponsored through partnerships and membership fees from corporations and community members. 

Click here to read more about Environment360's Membership Packages and how you can keep the cycle of life going by contributing to not only keeping Ghana clean but also helping educate the next generation of Eco leaders

Environment 360 will offer GNBCC members a 10% discount on residential and small business memberships and a 20% discount on corporate memberships.

For more information, contact:

Cordie Aziz 

Executive Director

Phone Number: 0244 669851

Email Address:




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