Research on the GNBCC Access Debit Card


Research on the GNBCC Access Debit Card

Some of you have probably already heard my name. Still, I would like to introduce myself once more: I am Jasmijn van der Laken and a temporary intern at Ghana Netherlands Business Council & Culture. I am a fourth-year Business management student at The Hague University.

I have been asked by GNBCC to do research regarding the GNBCC Access Debit Card. The aim of the research is to increase the adoption of the card with their Members and to find out why some members have, and others haven't decided to purchase the GNBCC Access Debit Card.

For this reason, you recently received an email containing a questionnaire, as we would like to know whether you are interested in purchasing our card.

Below the online questionnaire, in case you have not yet filled the questionnaire, please do; if you already filled it, please ignore my request. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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