Delft Imaging Systems has won the NABC ‘Doing Business in Africa’ award!


Delft Imaging Systems has won the NABC ‘Doing Business in Africa’ award!

On Friday, November 30th, the annual NABC Ambassadors Dinner was held in Utrecht, at the Rabobank Headquarters. Each year one company is selected as the winner of the Doing business in Africa Award based on their activities on the African continent.

The selection criteria were: innovation, sustainability and inclusivity. During the event, three companies were chosen to pitch their successful business stories in Africa. Delft Imaging Systems was one of those companies.

After the voting, Delft Imaging Systems was chosen as the winner of the Doing Business in Africa award!

Delft Imaging Systems is  very grateful for everyone who voted for them and thanked the audience for this great honour and recognition!

Delft looks forward to further expanding their activities in Africa and maintain its focus on the fight against tuberculosis!

 In Accra, Ghana Delft Imaging Systems has a  ‘service- & sales hub’ through its subsidiary and GNBCC Member, Universal Delft.

Technicians of Universal Delft install and maintain digital medical x-ray equipment fort he whole of Africa  ao in Sierra Leone and  Liberia, also they train x-ray equipment operators  to use the equipment in the best possible way  

For more Information , please contact Maurits Verhagen  Universal Delft at

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