Israel Agriculture Trip


Israel Agriculture Trip

EMRC is pleased to inform all that they are now preparing the 19th edition of Africa-Israel Agricultural Trade Mission, to take place in Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel, from Sunday 31st March to Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

The mission is organised in collaboration with Profit Agro, Hazera and Rivulis, and with the participation of MASHAV (Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute and CINADCO (Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation, at the Ministry of Agriculture).

Israel is facing harsh climatic conditions and has been able to develop particularly well-adapted technologies in the fields of agriculture, agro-industry, livestock and irrigation, which it is happy to share.

Participants will benefit from 4 days of intense program that includes:

  • drip irrigation systems
  • poultry farm systems
  • post-harvest treatment and packaging of fruits and vegetables
  • improved & hybrid seeds
  • greenhouse technology
  • dairy farms (cows produce 30+ liters of milk per day)
  • aquaculture
  • training centers for agricultural studies


Cultural visits to the holly sites of Jerusalem, Jordan River and Bethlehem will also be held.


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Please note that GNBCC Members would receive a 100 Euro discount when attending. Interested GNBCC members should notify our General Manager at

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