Job Search: Josephine Timmers


Job Search: Josephine Timmers

Being new to the Dutch community in Accra, I am looking for my next job opportunity. My name is Josephine Timmers and I am a senior account manager (sales & project management) with an educational background in Media, Journalism and Social Studies. 

Given my experience, I would love to find a new job in account management that allows me to help a company grow and improve business relationships. My media background allows me to also be of help in the media marketing department. I am people oriented and creative, with a positive attitude. 

Finally, I have worked as a (peer)educator for years on multiple social and educational projects and I am always interested in getting involved with similar projects. 

If you would like to read more about my work experience click here to view my Resume.

Contact Tjalling Wiarda at if you will like to get in contact with Josephine.

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