Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme Workshop held on 12-13 Febrary 2019


Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme Workshop held on 12-13 Febrary 2019

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) and the government of Ghana embarked on a multi-annual programme in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH). This Ghana-Netherlands WASH Programme (GNWP) focuses on integrated urban water and sanitation and is based on a Dutch contribution of € 82 million up to 2020. Under the Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme (GNWP), five projects have been awarded grants in the fields of water, sanitation, hygiene and waste and the Embassy administers these projects. In addition, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO implements three PPP programmes, Ghana Wash Window (GWW, also a component of GNWP), Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) and the Food Security Programme (FDOV). Those programmes consist of a total of 15 projects in Ghana.

This workshops was similar to meetings held in Accra in February 2017 , 2018 and in November 2015. In the previous meetings, participants expressed the importance of getting more knowledge and updates of:

  • The rationale behind the programmes, cross-linkages and their synergy;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation including application, reporting and accountability;
  • Questions resulting from the application and implementation;
  • Training sessions for selected participants
  • The similarities and involved lessons-learned being beneficial to other projects. The mutual commitment of the Dutch government and all project stakeholders is important to make a coherent, sustainable and significant impact in Ghana.

The main objective of the workshop was to enables project to share update with sector players and to have plenary session where partners of projects exchange experience and lessons learned. 

The following Project gave a progress presentations and discussions

Water and Agri Projects

The presentation began with the water projects

  • PPP for Water in Ghana - Safe Water Network (SWN)
  • Sustainable Rural Water Service Delivery Project, Wassa East District, Daboase-WR - Access Development
  • The WaterHealth Ghana WASH Project – 2 – Waterhealth
  • The WaterHealth Ghana WASH Project – 2 - Global Women Development Promoters (GLOWDEP)
  • Final Lifeline to Save Atewa Forest Reserve

Sanitation projects

The sanitation projects were presented by:

  • Improving Sanitation Access in Urban Ghana – UNICEF
  • Private & Social Toilets (PRISTO) - Triarii BV
  • Catalyzing WASH: From Possible to SNV and Fidelity Bank
  • Football for water, sanitation and hygiene presented by Pronet

Waste Management

The waste management projects were presented by:

  • Bola Bondeh project, AgroEco
  • Creating and Capturing Value: Supporting Enterprises for Urban Liquid and Solid Wastes Recycling for Food, Energy and Clean Environment (CapVal)
  • The Special Treat Project, Recycling Power West Africa Ltd. (RPWA) MDF, WA
  • Spaans Babcock Waste, Energy and Environment Project (SWEEP)

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