Job Vacancy - EHS Manager


Job Vacancy - EHS Manager

Jobnet Africa is recruiting an EHS Manager in Ghana.

This position is responsible for assisting in the implementation of cooperate environment, health and safety programs and regulatory compliance, within the cocoa buying stations and district warehouses to ensure effective and proactive programs are in place to enable the business to achieve a zero incident safety culture. 


The EHS Manager:

  • Is accountable for training and educating employees and contractors on environment, health and safety policies and procedures to ensure the development of a sustainable EHS program and continual improvement.
  • Will ensure that safety equipment and apparatus are fully operational and are fit for use.
  • Will investigate, report and evaluate environmental and safety complaints and incidents in line with  Corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Management of security at the cocoa buying stations and district warehouses.
  • Responsible for the daily operation of the security personnel assigned by the security service provider.
  • Improve awareness and understanding, and be accountable for measuring and ensuring compliance with internal and external regulatory laws and requirements.  Present annual EHS plans, goals, objectives and results.
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor environmental and industrial hygiene surveys, risk assessments and studies to discover and determine hazards/risks that may affect stakeholders safety.  Reduce our environmental footprint within the community.  
  • Oversees the implementation of required training and performance management systems.  Assist management to assess current environmental, safety and health program needs and any other assigned duties.
  • Provide guidance to security contract staff and organize quarterly meetings with the security service provider on the performance of guards and other issues with the security service provider. Manage security breaches (stealing, trespassing, drunkenness, unsafe behaviour and unsafe equipment from third parties


Are you interested in the role of EHS Manager in Ghana, please contact Minoek Wijs

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