Design Thinking Conference Project Recruitment of GNBCC Members


Design Thinking Conference Project Recruitment of GNBCC Members

We will like to introduce you to Design Thinking Ghana Conference (DTGC), Africa’s premier Design Thinking conference which provides people with in-depth knowledge and skills in problem solving. 

The past two conferences (2017 & 2018) have seen design experts from The Netherlands (the Design Thinkers Group) and South Africa (the HPI at UCT), come to provide the audience here in Ghana with rich content on what Design Thinking is and how its being used to develop new ideas, business models and processes for startups and large companies around the world. Since we have successfully invited Dutch and South African designers in the past 2 years, we thought to take it a step further, this year for DTGC2019, to more intentionally work with companies with links or roots in these two countries.

Hence with the theme “Design Thinking for Startups and Corporations”, DTGC2019 will focus on Dutch and South African companies that operate in Ghana to explore their challenges and opportunities. We plan to run design thinking projects that are presented at the conference. The Design Thinking projects will have teams of 5 or 6 of people from 4-5 companies working in common areas of interest for these companies (e.g. user behavior around topic X). These projects will run for about three weeks in May 2019 (it will only require about 3hrs per week). The findings and designs will cut across companies and will be presented as innovative industry concepts or proposals at the conference in June 2019.

We would like to invite your company to nominate two employees to join other employees from Dutch or South African startups and corporations to work on industry level problems/challenges towards the conference. Please use this form for your nomination:

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Gordon Adomdza, DTGC Director +2332547047047 or WhatsApp +1781-290-9984. or by email

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