Ghana-EU Business Forum 


Ghana-EU Business Forum 

Yesterday, the Ghana EU Business Forum was officially opened by the H.E. Diana Acconcia-Head of EU Delegation. The Forum was held at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra. The Ghana EU Business forum has been organised to put forward the new Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs and is aimed to illustrate in more concrete terms the paradigm shift in the EU-Africa relations and shared interests. The forum wanted to capitalize on the financial tools of the European External Investment Plan to boost strategic investment and strengthen private sector participation. 

The Forum was graced with high level politicians from Ghana and the EU, with as keynote speaker Hon. Alan Kyerematen Minister of Trade and Industry, who spoke in line with the Government of Ghana’s agenda “Ghana Beyond Aid”. This agenda is aimed to unlock the economic potential and transform the Ghanaian economy to be more self-reliant. As such the Forum also indicated how the investments from the EU business partners can help fuel this ‘Ghana Beyond Aid” agenda into fruition.

The Ghana – EU Business Forum was the first event jointly organized by the Ghana Ministry of Finance and the EU Delegation to Ghana, aimed to link entrepreneurs and financiers, in order to boost innovative finance solutions and the creation of sustainable jobs in Ghana.

The focus of the different sessions, keynote speeches, and interactive debates were on sustainable energy and connectivity, financing for micro, small and medium enterprises, and agriculture. These future-oriented domains will be the backbone of Ghana’s growth and of durable jobs creation. This was stated by   Mr. Jyrki Katainen, Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investments, and Competitiveness who said that “These jobs will enable the young population of Africa to harness their full potential.”

The Business Forum offered the possibility for entrepreneurs to get first-hand information about the EIP (EU External Investment Plan) guarantees which will be made available for them in Ghana. In this way, they can plan ahead and hence improve their investment planning in Ghana.

Also, a  Business Fair was held in the margins of the Forum which enabled European and Ghanaian companies and Chambers of Commerce to showcase their business and activities. Among them, there was a joint stand of GNBCC and the Royal Netherlands Embassy. The GNBCC team present met with a lot of GNBCC Members who also visited (as it was announced several times in the GNBCC Newsletter).


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