Successful GNBCC Cocktail hosted by Emergent Payment (formerly Interpay)


Successful GNBCC Cocktail hosted by Emergent Payment (formerly Interpay)

Yesterday evening the GNBCC's June Cocktail was sponsored and hosted at Emergent Payment in North Ridge . A familiar location because in February 2018 the GNBCC Cocktail was also held there sponsored by Interpay Africa. Interpay Africa was taken over by Emergent Technology in December 2018. The Ghanian brand is known as Emergent Payment (source:

There was a large crowd present in the garden before the start time of 18:30 listening to live music and enjoying each other's company. In total, there were approx. 80 guests including GNBCC Members who attended.

The evening was officially opened by GNBCC”s General Manager Tjalling Wiarda who introduced Emergent Payment’s CEO and former GNBCC Board Member Mr. Saqib Nazir. Mr. Nazir explained the route since last year concerning the change from Interpay to Emergent Payment and what Emergent Payment can offer to companies. Emergent Payment is a payment facilitator for large-scale digital merchants expanding into emerging markets.

It was an enjoyable evening ! Thank you Emergent Payment !

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