A Successful Study Trip to the Netherlands!


A Successful Study Trip to the Netherlands!

Time flies when you are having fun & working hard!

After 10 successful days of intense work and fun, the first half of the New Business Challenge (NBC) 2019 was wrapped up. The 15th of July, 2019 marked the end of the Study Trip to the Netherlands for the NBC 2019. Good-byes had to be said on the 14th of July by participants and the trip was highlighted with an excursion to Amsterdam.

During the study trip, the teams worked hard on understanding their various business cases and developing their working plan to make sure they were fully prepared for the upcoming intermission period and the study trip in Ghana. It included a lot of team-building activities geared toward personal and professional development but was also highlighted to be fun! The participants got to know each other and their cultures better.

Major activities for the week included:

Formal Opening at RvO

The official opening of the New Business Challenge took place on Monday, 8th July 2019 at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) in The Hague. The study trip NL was officially opened by Mr. André van Ommeren (RvO - Member of the Board International Programmes) with the first keynote address from Mr. M.H Idris (Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in The Hague - Minister/Deputy Head of Mission). Mr. Idris emphasized to the group the importance of the challenge since it combines entrepreneurship, youth employment, innovation, and sustainability. The second Keynote address was by Ms. Rosalind Boschloo (RvO- PSD coach Ghana, SL, Lib, and Tanzania), she gave insights on how Ghana & the Netherlands are growing together.

The participants also built a standalone structure by spaghetti sticks, a marshmallow, a piece of rope and tape. This exercise helped the participants to identify their individual team roles. In the afternoon participants followed a workshop about research questions which helped them to dive deeper into their business cases.

Company Visits

The participating companies this year are Allianz Insurance, Tempohousing Ghana, Solidaridad, Famerline and Closing the Loop. On Tuesday all the teams visited the companies on whose business case they are working for during the New Business Challenge Ghana. The teams got a tour through the company buildings in different cities and had the opportunity to ask the company representatives mind-boggling questions to get to the root of the business case.

Workshops and collaborating

After the company visits it was time to start the creative process. The participants got a workshop on idea generation by EmileMazerant, this helped them to come up with as many ideas as they could. They also had the opportunity to interact with other participants on different business cases to share their solutions and receive feedback.

Working Plan

Part of the creative thinking was converging the many ideas into a concept, the teams selected their best idea which would help them to validate once they are in Ghana. Because there is only limited time all teams were required to come up with a solid plan that will guide them throughout their study trip in Ghana. They came up with inventing ways of using data and planning appointments with stakeholders and other involved parties.

Dutch Night and Tour through Amsterdam

The fun aspect of NBC 2019 was also in full flesh. Dutch night was organized by the Dutch participants for their Ghanaian colleagues to give them a feel of real Dutch culture. This involved a lot of games, singing, and dancing.

On the 14th of July, all forty participants including coaches and organizers had fun on a boat tour through Amsterdam after which the Dutch participants then said their goodbyes. At 6 pm all Ghanaian participants gathered for a final dinner treat at a special Chinese restaurant.


Find more information on www.newbusinesschallenge.nl.

Want to follow the teams in Ghana? Check the facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/NBCGhana/ to stay up to date!

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