CIFG Transport & Logistics Conference


CIFG Transport & Logistics Conference

Yesterday, 28th November, at the Marriott Hotel, our colleagues from the French Chamber organised a Transport and Logistics Conference. After presentations of Bollore Group on logistics and the supply chain (click here for the Bollore presentation ) and GNBCC Member MPS' very interesting presentation about Terminal 3 in Tema, the deep seaport (click here for the MPS presentation) there was a presentation of Mr. Ziad Hamoui from Borderless Alliance. This last presentation illustrated the reasons behind the high costs and risks of doing business in West Africa and its impact on trade and transport. Click here for the presentation of the Borderless Alliance.

After the presentations, there were questions about the Nigeria border closing. The Nigerian/Benin border has management issues and there is a lot of smuggling. For instance, Benin is the 2nd largest importer of rice in the world (15 million tons) so that might give a clue. It might be even expected that the border will remain closed even beyond January.

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