GNWP Transition from Aid to Trade


GNWP Transition from Aid to Trade

On Monday the 17th of February 2020, projects funded under the Dutch instrument (RvO) in Ghana had an opportunity to share their progress with several water sector players and to deliberate on the theme: “Transition from Aid to Trade” when it comes to the WASH sector. They also shared on what has been achieved over the years on their projects, what the lessons learned where and way forward.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Ron Strikker welcomed sector players to the function and Joke Baak a representative from RVO gave a brief explanation on the meaning of “transition” in the GNWP context.

This was followed by a series of presentations from the Water, Agro and Sanitation sectors. Three presentations focused on water; Access Development, Water Health International and Safe Water Network. These projects are currently delivering water services to communities using various technologies and approaches with funding from the Dutch government. Access Development is working within Daboase in the Wasa East district where they are providing water to the locals using water stations. SafeWater Network has built more extensive water station systems across the country where their water dispenses out to the people at a fee.  Areas that are far from the stations are being served with water tankers and other pipelines systems build by the project.

The second badge of presentations was taken by CAB international that is working on assisting farmers to meet the standards required in exporting to the European market. They gave an elaborate presentation on the key factors that lead to the band on the exportation of Ghanaian vegetables to the European markets. The various inserts inspectors look for at the boarders, how the intervention has assisted in lifting the band and the way forward in the coming years. A key output of their activities was the lunch of an agro app called MyAgro360. This mobile application which can be found on the google play store helps farmers to report on insects they find on their farms and also provides a learning platform for those who want to know more about how to prevent these field insects. The final badge of presentations focuses on financial options available to the water and sanitation sector and the progress made so far. UNICEF WASH gave a presentation of how they have progressed in Urban Sanitation with the support of the Dutch government. SNV and Fidelity Bank also reported on the revolving fund that supports WASH startups and the progress made. This was followed by other presentations, sharing and networking sessions.  


Article by Barnabas Apom, Project Executive, GNBCC.

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