Third Week In Lock Down, Continue?


Third Week In Lock Down, Continue?

Last week, it was announced that the lockdown will continue for another week; now rumour has it that there will be an extension for at least 2 more weeks but we have to wait for the new announcement of the government which is expected tonight or Sunday night. Personally, I am not so fond of working from home; I have always liked the fact that your work environment is separated from your private home. Anyway, now it isn’t; my work environment starts when I sit at the dinner table next to my kitchen. My daily outing is a bike ride to either Koala or Shoprite. What I do like is that the traffic has diminished considerably, always see the positive side of any situation……

This week, I had a Zoom meeting with my colleagues from the fellow European Chambers as well as the Economic Councillors of the EU Embassies. I did hear that some companies have trouble with the GRA who are not accepting any late payments although their offices are closed. We advise our Members to pay through the Banks. We have repeated the publication of the KPMG document which describes how you need to pay and file your tax returns despite the lockdown of Accra, Kumasi, and Kasoa, which also shares the account details of the various Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) offices and their respective contacts.

In the last weeks, we have worked with GNBCC staff on a Member Survey to find out how satisfied you are with GNBCC’s present work and activities as well as a survey concerning our new ideas and plans (for after the Covid-19 pandemic). Last year December a GNBCC staff team outing was organised in which we brainstormed about new ideas for GNBCC which we now want to share with our Membership to see what you think.  Next Monday, we will send a separate e-mail with the links to the survey. We think that now is a good time to roll out this survey since during the lockdown due to  “ Corona Times” we will all most likely be in a more reflective mood and would like something positive to look forward to !.


Stay home and stay safe !!


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