A Message of our Ambassador Ron Strikker


A Message of our Ambassador Ron Strikker

Dear readers,

Monday is King’s Day, National Day of the Netherlands. 

Also on behalf of the entire Dutch community in Ghana, I would like to congratulate his Majesty King Willem Alexander on his 53rd  birthday. I convey our congratulations also to her Majesty Queen Maxima and the other members of the Royal Family.

King’s Day has a special place in the heart of the Dutch. King’s Day, more than anything else is very much a people's day, a day of national unity, a day on which everybody and everything turns Orange. A vivid and colorful celebration with music shows, fairs, flea markets, and cultural events all across the country and the Royal Family making a tour in some part of the country.

This year, however, King’s Day will be very different in view of the corona crisis. As the Netherlands is, like all countries in the world, battling to contain and overcome the COVID-19 disease with its unprecedented human, social and economic consequences, the Dutch will celebrate their King’s day in a very sober manner, and mainly at home, like the Royal Family itself. Best wishes to the King and Royal family will be done online, children have been invited to send him a digital congratulatory letter. At 16.00 hrs. (Ghana time 14.00), all Dutch will raise their glass to bring a toast to the King and wish him good health and prosperity.

In the midst of the corona pandemic, King Willem Alexander has shown himself once again as a force of unity and togetherness, which the Royal Family in the Netherlands, the House of Orange, has always symbolized. A King, who knows his people, connects, understands, comforts, and sympathizes in very difficult times like these, but also inspires, encourages, and leads. He did so in his address to the nation on the 20th of March last, relating to the coronavirus. May he remain our anchor in the years to come.

The corona pandemic may change the world, but not the excellent relations and friendship between the people of the Netherlands and the people of Ghana. On the contrary, in the unprecedented and difficult times, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the government and people of Ghana to fight against this disease, protect our peoples, and overcome this crisis. We commend his Excellency Nana Dankwa Akufo-Addo for his outstanding leadership and the government for its determined and confidence-inspiring way of handling the crisis which can only deserve our full support.

Let me wish all our Orange Partners which have supported us over the years, but also all other Dutch-affiliated businesses and organizations active in Ghana, all the strength they need to get through these extraordinary times. In the end, better times will come.

I wish all my compatriots in Ghana a befitting Orange at home-celebration and I thank our Ghanaian friends for joining us.


Ron Strikker,

Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ghana


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