PwC: Ghana’s Tax Measures In Response To COVID-19


PwC: Ghana’s Tax Measures In Response To COVID-19

Dear GNBCC Member,

To help you cut through the tax complexities relating of COVID-19, PwC (Premium GNBCC Member)  has prepared and attached an article to explain the approved tax measures and what steps you should take to benefit from the measures.

On a related note, PwC’s team of specialists collaborated to create a digital assessment to help you understand the potential impact to your business and gauge your readiness to respond. They encourage you to use the link below and take the diagnostic as soon as possible  

PwC remains conscious that COVID-19 presents significant challenges to people and organisations around the globe and the disruption continues to evolve. They would like to reassure you that their teams are ready to help you navigate these COVD-19 days and beyond.



PwC wishes to bring to your attention that the  National Pensions Regulatory Authority has issued revised guidelines for COVID-19 induced withdrawals. Click here for the updated document. A key change in the attached PwC document is the removal of the following sentence:

Member withdrawals from Provident Fund Schemes shall be limited to 15% of the member's total accrued benefits in the scheme . 


For professional advice and assistance in assessing the COVID-19 incentives, please contact your usual PwC contact. 

Click to Download PwC document

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