KLM Business Breakout Seminar: The Future of Air Travel


KLM Business Breakout Seminar: The Future of Air Travel

GNBCC'S Second Business Breakout Webinar was held last Tuesday and presented by Dick van Nieuwenhuyzen, Ghana Country Manager of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.  The topic was “The Future of Air Travel” and about 35 to 40 people were in attendance. GNBCC’s GM, Tjalling Wiarda, gave a short introduction where he explained that since the 22nd of March all Ghana borders have been closed and except for cargo and special repatriation flights no commercial flights were allowed to land at Kotoka International Airport. To start the session, he put across a few questions about whether there was any news on the opening of borders, the resuming of international commercial flights,  and whether there will be new flights scheduled by KLM on a daily basis when the boarders are finally re-opened- in short, what will be the future of air travel.

Dick informed the audience that flights within Europe only have resumed since this week (15th of June) and that at present KLM is flying twice with cargo to Accra (Wednesday and Sunday); this will probably increase to a 3rd cargo flight with KLM and 1 with Air France hence the frequency will increase to 4 cargo flights per week. If the Ghana government opens its borders and commercial passenger flights resume, the 4 times/week will also become the schedule for passenger flight (the cargo planes are Boeing 777’s and are also built for both passengers and cargo).

He also cautioned that when commercial international flights resume, any passenger arriving in Ghana will have to go in quarantine for at least 2 weeks. At the moment, individuals must quarantine in Hotels and they cost must be pre-paid by the individual (Ghanaians who are arriving on special repatriation flights from the Middle East, China, UK and USA). The expectation is that the requirement of individuals to quarantine in Hotels might change to them quarantining in their own homes; similar to what is being done in Nigeria, but this is for the Government of Ghana to decide. According to Dick, it will take at least to two to three years (2023/2024) before flights will return to a frequency of 14 flights per week (Air France and KLM frequency put together before the closing of borders)

Last Wednesday the KLM repatriated about 250 Ghanaians successfully from London and on the 28th of June, there will be a repatriation special flight to Amsterdam. Ethiopian Airlines is executing repatriation flights from China returning stranded Ghanaians back to Ghana.

It was a very informative session where a lot of questions were answered. GNBCC thanks Mr. Dick van Nieuwenhuyzen for his co-operation to this successful webinar.

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