Annual General Meeting (AGM) of GNBCC Yesterday


Annual General Meeting (AGM) of GNBCC Yesterday

Yesterday GNBCC held its 1st virtual AGM via Zoom. At a certain point, more than 30 Members were online; together with 9 proxies we easily met the quorum and we had a good start on time just after 16 hrs. The AGM was headed by our Chairwoman Mrs. Adelaide Benneh Prempeh who held an introductory speech covering the implications of the COVID-19 epidemic on the current activities of GNBCC highlighting that GNBCC already held its 1st virtual cocktail at the end May as well started the business break series of which the last one took place only last week with KLM’s Country Manager Dick van Nieuwenhuyzen. In that same line and spirit, GNBCC’s 1st virtual AGM was held.

After the approval of the minutes from last year’s AGM,  held in May at the Villa Boutique Hotel in Osu our Board Treasury Mr. Harm Ploeger led us through the Financial Statements 2019 followed by the official declaration of KPMG concerning the FS 2019. After that, a number of questions of Members were answered by Board and Management, and the FS were approved.  The next point on the agenda was presented by GNBCC’s GM Mr. Tjalling Wiarda and was focused on the result of the Member Survey being the input for the future of GNBCC (after COVID) and Members could ask questions about last year’s activities ( as presented in GNBCC’s Management Report over 2019). Because there were no applications of any Member for Board Membership, there were no Board Elections.  After the last agenda point “ Any Other Matter” the AGM was closed by Mrs. Adelaide just before 17.30. We thank all our Members who were in attendance.

Tjalling Wiarda – General Manager GNBCC

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