GNBCC Business Breakout Presented by Universal Delft


GNBCC had its 3rd Business Breakout Webinar last Tuesday, 14th July which was presented by Elizabeth Ewudiwa, a Training & Development Coordinator of Universal Delft on the topic "The Fight Against Covid-19: The Role And Contribution Of Medical Imaging.

After a welcome address was given by Ileen Wilke (GNBCC Business & Poject Manager), Ms. Ewudiwa started her presentation with a quick introduction of Universal Delft and the products the company has to offer. 

The main deliverables of Universal Delft currently is Accelerating Case Detection of Tuberculosis. There are currently 48 multifunctional X-Ray Systems , 2 TB Screening Vans, 2 Portable X-Ray Units, the installation and maintenance of equipment, and capability building (User Training) involved in this effort. 

Ms. Ewudiwa also went into detail on how Delft is supporting the Covid-19 pandemic with their Computer-Aided Detection "4"COVID-19 (CAD4COVID) software. CAD4COVID is a CE certified product. It is the first AI software that is proved to perform at the same level as human expert readers to detect COVID-19 related abnormalities on chest X-ray images.

Click here to view the complete presentation given by Ms Ewudiwa during her presentation. 

You can visit / for more information about CAD4COVID 

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