2021 KPMG Pre-Budget Survey


KPMG in Ghana is conducting its annual survey on the national budget to help determine the expectations of corporate Ghana relative to the fiscal climate and the business environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in its wake unprecedented challenges globally. The demand for many goods and services have been affected in diverse ways as consumer behaviour continues to adapt to the present situation and uncertain future.

The survey seeks to examine how companies are coping in the midst of the evolving environment and the support required to recover and sustain their businesses. Your responses to this survey will be significant in realistically assessing the impact of the pandemic on the Ghanaian business environment and will also serve as feedback to the government in preparing the 2021 national budget.

KPMG will be grateful if you would participate in this survey

Participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous. All responses are optional and will remain confidential, and results will only be presented in aggregate form. All electronic files (transcripts, databases, spreadsheets, etc.) containing identifiable information will be password protected. Any computer hosting such files will also have password protection to prevent access by unauthorised users.



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