Advertisement: Red Sea Housing Services


Advertisement: Red Sea Housing Services

Proud Sponsor of the 2020 Joint Networking Cocktail Red Sea Housing Services,

Red Sea Housing Services, is the largest, most advanced off-site modular building solution provider throughout Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia. Our innovative building techniques and business spread is reflected by the successful imprint with our diversified product portfolio across multiple industry sectors. With 4 factories around the globe and a footprint in over 70 countries worldwide, we have actively embedded our presence and reputation as the leader in off-site modular construction. Red Sea Housing Services Ghana Ltd. is ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified. 

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Red Sea Housing Services (Ghana) Ltd:0

Harm Ploeger | President Africa and Latin America
Tel   +233 303 918490 Ext. 238 

Jos Wasch | Sales Manager Africa
Tel   +233 303 918490 Ext. 203 

Charles Quansah | Sales Representative
Tel   +233 303 918490 Ext. 235

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