COVID-19: New Travel Measures per  23/01 (for the Dutch) 


COVID-19: New Travel Measures per  23/01 (for the Dutch) 

For Dutch passport holders in Ghana,

In connection with the emergence and spread of various mutations of the coronavirus, the Netherlands has instituted additional measures regarding travel. The measures are effective from 23 January 00:01.

A flight ban has been instituted for some countries. This does not apply to Ghana. From 23 January, however, there is a double test obligation for journeys from Ghana to the Netherlands: the PCR test and a rapid test. The rapid test must be taken no more than 4 hours before departure. This obligation is in addition to the existing obligation to perform a PCR test 72 hours before departure. The rapid test is checked by the transport companies. If there is no possibility to take a quick test before departure of the flight, for example because there are no test facilities (open), travel cannot be made.

Some groups are exempt from this obligation:

• Persons under the age of 13.

• Border workers, border students and border students.

• Holders of non-Dutch diplomatic passports.

• Holders of Dutch diplomatic passports when traveling in the performance of their duties or when traveling to or from their work.

• Heads of state and members of a foreign government.

• Seafarers on board a ferry or passenger ship who do not leave the ship and are not making voyages to and from that ship. The exceptions do not apply to seafarers on commercial yachts and pleasure craft.

• The crew on board aircraft, provided they do not leave the aircraft and continue flying (back) immediately afterwards.

• Passengers on a flight who do not have the Netherlands as their final destination, but have to divert to a Dutch airport due to unforeseen circumstances.

• Passengers with a NATO Travel Order or a NATO-2 visa.


The embassy is now investigating whether a rapid test in Ghana is possible shortly before departure. However, keep in mind that you cannot travel or that some flights will be cancelled. Exceptions remain possible for emergency situations such as urgent family circumstances. In this case, you can contact the 24/7 contact centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on tel. +31 247 247 247


You can find up-to-date information about new corona measures and travel restrictions at

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