New Career Platform (New Business Challenge) Hosts CV Writting Workshop


New Career Platform (New Business Challenge) Hosts CV Writting Workshop

Last Friday, 19 of February 2021, the New Career Platform and joined forces for a workshop on CV writing. What does a good CV entail and how can you spark the interest of possible employers? All this and much more was discussed by trainer Jemila Abdulai from, digital skills trainer and economy policy consultant, who gave an insightful training of how to craft an engaging CV.

Over 25 graduates and young professionals from various places joined the online session to spice up their CV. Although almost every professional has a CV, not everyone makes the most of the boost a CV can give your career. A CV is your first impression towards a future employer, so you want to capture their curiosity in the first few seconds they look at your CV. So how can you represent yourself well and maintain their attention? As a CV represents a broad image of yourself, it is an opportunity to highlight your course of life. You can showcase your educational background and research – as well as sharing your interests and activities outside your career path. It is a snapshot of who you are and what you can mean for your future employer.

Many young professionals stress over the fact that they do not have so much experience to share on their CV. Jemila emphasized that a CV can still be impressive, even though you do not have too many experiences (yet). You can choose to make your CV a combination of skills and experiences, that seamlessly connect to the position you want to apply for. Young professionals often overlook their experiences too, Jemila noticed. Volunteering at your church might have gotten you exactly the project management experience you need, it is a valuable addition to your career path so highlight it on your CV. Jemila also shared advice on how to structure you CV, with a focus on active writing and results. Take note of the following key elements, asking yourself these questions for every experience on your CV: What did I do? How did I do it? Why did I do it? What were the results? These questions help you to focus and support you in what you want to get across.

Another key element in CV writing is targeting, Jemila emphasized. It allows you to direct your CV towards a specific career goal or organisation you want to work with. Jemila always starts with researching the company. This gives you the opportunity to get to know more about the company and (re)discover why you are excited to work with them. Combine your insights on the organization with your relevant skills and experiences, in order to catch the eye of your dream employer. Targeting your CV allows you to showcase the unique combination of skills, competences and experiences you bring on board. And are you in a specific sector such as tech, the creative industry or science? Adapt your CV to the context of the sector, highlight what is valued most in the industry and do not be scared to be bold with the presentation of your CV.

Excited to spice up your CV? The New Career Platform and will organise an in-person workshop on job search on 12th March in Accra. For more info, get in touch with Tracy You can find more career resources on The New Career Platform is a dedicated place to inform young talents about starting a professional career in Ghana. Keep an eye on the New Career Platform for upcoming events and new articles!

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