Member Feature: People's Pension Trust


Member Feature: People's Pension Trust

GNBCC is pleased to present an article about our Premium Member People's Pension Trust based on an interview with the Head of Corporate Communications​, Yaa Asamoah.

People’s Pension Trust is a company licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Ghana, to provide trustee services for the Ghanaian workforce, particularly, those in the informal sector.

They are a subsidiary of People’s Pension Holding based in the Netherlands. The shareholders of Peoples Pension Trust Ghana Limited are Ghanaian entrepreneur Samuel Bediako Waterberg and People's Pension Holding BV in the Netherlands.

Samuel Waterberg was the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of People’s Pension Trust Ghana Limited until his demise in March 2020.  In his role, he led his team to deliver professional and reliable trustee services to the Ghanaian labor force. He had over a decade’s diversified experience in the financial sector having worked in different capacities in that field.

In April 2020, staff at People’s Pension Trust met their new CEO, Saqib Nazir, after the sad and sudden demise of the former one, Samuel Waterberg. Mr. Nazir was however not completely new to the team, having served as a board member previously. As a fintech enthusiast, the staff at PPT say, it has been inspiring to learn from him the many possibilities that exist when technology is used right to impact human lives, especially the lives of informal sector workers who are normally excluded from social safety nets.

People’s Pension Trust’s main activities in Ghana are to provide their clients in the informal sector with opportunities to save towards retirements in Ghana. It has been noted that 80-90% of the Ghanaian workforce is in the informal sector space. Prior to pension reforms, this group had no means to have access to retirement saving plans. PPT has made it its goal to correct this. Mr. Nazir’s goal for PPT for 2021 is for the company to reach between 100,000 and 110,000 customers both in the formal and the informal sectors, and to have an AUM of about $5 million.  Beyond this, PPT’s mission is to enable as many people as possible, about 1 million people regionally by 2025 to have access to a pension scheme that can help them save towards retirement. PPT is also striving to drastically reduce old age poverty by offering flexible, affordable pension products. Though there are many challenges in the informal sector that can make this goal difficult, PPT is determined to meet it.

People Pension Trust’s most significant accomplishment is the ability to have given its members the opportunity to retire comfortably. PPT has embedded additional benefits such as life insurance coverage for its members. This ensures that the family members of its members can benefit even after the member passes away. The impact the company has on people and the value they give their clients to ensure that they have a secured future is what the company strives for.

PPT will like to encourage as many GNBCC Members as possible who are not signed up with PPT’s Tier 2 Pension Program to do so. Representatives are always available to assist members and meet with them to discuss the numerous products PPT has to offer. People’s Pension Trust is also always looking for people who can support PPT financially to enable them to educate people on the importance of pension.

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Contact Information:

No.5 Sam Nujoma Close,
North Ridge
Adjacent the Visa Section of the German Embassy

T: 0302738242


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