Member Feature: Subo International


Member Feature: Subo International

GNBCC is pleased to introduce Premium Member, Subo International Group of Companies based on an interview with Owner, Daan Dullaart.

Mr. Dullaart  has been a frequent visitor to Ghana over the past 11 years. During his visits, he noticed a lot of frozen chicken being exported from the Netherlands to Ghana, and with an experience in commodity trading, he was inspired to find clients in Ghana as well. He made his research; going to the fishing harbor, ‘knocking all doors’, ‘chasing all trucks’ in the warehouses, and started interacting with other importers for potential clients. From there, the ball started rolling into steady weekly business; from one container of frozen chicken per week, to 15 containers of frozen chicken per week. GNBCC also assisted Daan in this quest, assisting him in finding the right contact people for logistical services and finding potential clients and customers.

Subo International Group of Companies started in 2014 as a small trading house, mainly exporting frozen fish from Holland to Africa (Ghana and Nigeria), and have grown over the past seven years to a multi-division company which has a  frozen food division, a diary food division, a coffee trading division and a cocoa trading division. Mr. Dullaart was motivated to find people who represented different sales areas, now Subo International is a high energy, multicultural organization employing 18 across different continental regions (Europe, Asia, Africa).

Currently, Subo International has a head office which is situated in Holland, a smaller office in Honk and another office in China, and are hoping to set up a sales office in Japan and a local representation in Ghana which will focus on importing frozen foods from the Netherlands and exporting cocoa beans and green beans to Europe. Ghana is a major destination for Subo energy, a big chunk of Subo’s frozen foods are patronized by Ghana. Subo has  16 major customers across Ghana, specifically in  in Kumasi, Tamale, Accra and Tema.

Daan Dullaart is ever ready to share his story and advice other GNBCC members and clients who hope to export to Ghana and do business with Ghana.

Interested to know more, visit their website, or contact Mr. Daan Dullaart via



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