Youth employment workshop in Tamale


Youth employment workshop in Tamale

As part of the African Policy Dialogue on Youth Employment, a collaboration between Include Knowledge Platform (Netherlands), the University of Ghana Legon – Economics Department, the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) and the Netherlands African Business Council (NABC), a series of workshops will be organized with youth, private sector and the media.

The first workshop with the youth takes place on Tuesday 17th of August from 08:30 at the HOPin Academy (Tamale). Partners for this event are Nestlé Ghana and the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana. The workshop is a follow-up meeting on the way forward for youth employment in Ghana, based on the initial research by Prof. Baah-Boateng. The insights of the kick-off meeting in September 2020 were gathered in the following report.

The workshop ‘Youth perspective: Identifying solutions for youth employment in Ghana’ will build on the insights by identifying durable solutions for addressing youth employment in Ghana. The participants will strengthen their knowledge on the employment landscape in Ghana and will be able to share their valuable insights. Moreover, they will be able to expand their network through the various presentations and the attending participants.

All the perspectives and insights from the youth will feed into the upcoming workshops with the private sector and the media (September 2021, Accra). The input gathered during the workshops will feed into the policy brief that will be presented to policy makers in public and private institutions both in Ghana and in the Netherlands.

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