Randi.Africa Financial Forum


Randi.Africa Financial Forum

Hereby we would like to interest you for the Randi . Africa Financial Inclusion Forum, co-organised by GNBCC Member Fincap Securities Ltd.

Program Objective/Purpose:

The objective of the ‘’Randi.Africa Financial Inclusion Program’’ is to support SMEs with the requisite management and technical skills in the areas of taxation, book keeping, corporate governance, capacity building for SMEs, how to use data and trends to determine funding for SMEs amongst other key relevant industry topics to help SMEs build their capacities and be able to successfully raise funding for their business growth.

Another objective of the program is to build the human capacity needs of these businesses (SMEs), as well as provide the needed tools for Ghanaian SMEs to become globally competitive.

Program Implementation:



Program duration

  • Taxation
  • Corporate governance
  • Book keeping
  • SME Capacity building
  • Data & trends to determine funding for SMEs

The program will be by industry experts from the Ghana revenue authority, investors, corporate governance experts, accountants

5 months

The program shall also bring on board industry experts who will be working with the SMEs to prepare their book keeping manuals and support them in filing their tax returns and other key business operations on monthly basis during the duration of the program.

Thanks on behalf of Eric Osei of Fincap Securities Ltd

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