NBC Preparation Workshop: ready to go!


NBC Preparation Workshop: ready to go!

The New Business Challenge Expedition Trips to the Netherlands and Ghana are getting closer and the selected participants are getting more excited. To get ready for the upcoming study trips we organized the Preparation Workshop in Accra and The Hague last week.

As a result of the new structure, only 16 participants (8 Ghanaians and 8 Dutches) could take part in the upcoming NBC Expedition Trips this time. Each participant submitted a three-minute video stating why they should be chosen to participate in the Expedition trips. Despite a challenging decision, the final 16 successfully secured their spots to participate in the Expedition Trips of the New Business Challenge 2021. These participants met at the Netherlands Embassy in Accra and The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) in The Hague to prepare for the upcoming Trips in May/June. The session was held both in-person and online via Zoom.

The day started off with reflections. It was fascinating to hear about the impact of the summer school on participants. Participants relived their experiences and shared interesting stories; from learning important lessons about group dynamics, to networking and staying connected with brilliant minds.

There was a quick exercise online to reconnect and get to know the entire group, as well as a refresher session on idea generation, which was very much needed as a key element of the Expedition trip, is to generate creative and sustainable ideas for real-life companies.

We were also pleased to welcome alumni to share their insights and highlights from their experiences in order to boost the morale of the participants. They answered participants’ questions about how to prepare yourself, how to deal with culture shock, how to work effectively in intercultural teams, and how to pace yourself during the trips.

By the end of the day, the participants had a good insight into what to expect from the program. They learned more about working together in multicultural teams and are even more excited about the coming program.

On the 27th of May, the Ghanaian participants will travel to the Netherlands for the Netherlands Expedition Trip. We are counting the days!

Tracy Mensah

GNBCC Project Manager


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