Interview with Mr. Imoro Sulemana CEO of African Tiger


Interview with Mr. Imoro Sulemana CEO of African Tiger

Can you tell us about yourself and your journey to becoming the CEO of African Tiger?

My name is Imoro Sulemana and I am married with four children. I have been working in the corporate world for the last 15 years. I schooled partly in the North (Tamale) and then obtained my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and then my MBA at GIMPA. I’m a Chartered Accountant and pursued Risk Management Certification from The Institutes (Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group) Pennsylvania USA. After graduation, I went straight into banking. I worked with Bank of Africa for 12 years in different banking roles such as International Trade Finance, Credit and Risk and eventually Head of Credit Risk Control and Monitoring Department. I joined African Tiger Holding Limited in 2019 as CFO, then in 2020 was made Acting CEO and finally CEO in 2021.


Can you tell our members a bit more about African Tiger?

African Tiger is an investment holding company that has several investments or subsidiaries. However, we are largely an agriculture company. We are heavily invested in agro-processing, warehousing and agro inputs. We also have interest in seed production, commercial grains farming, Sports and Hospitality. African Tiger has a number of active subsidiaries among which are: (1) Overseas Warehouse Ghana Limited, (supply of agro inputs for the cocoa sector as well as warehouse services); (2) Commodity Warehouse Ghana Limited ( warehousing); (3) NorPalm (palm oil plantation and processing); (4) ITFC (mango processing); (5) Cocoa Abrabopa Association® which is a cocoa farmer based organization; (6) IWAD (seed and commercial grain production); (7) Royal Senchi Resort/Hotel and Zaina Lodge which are in the hospitality sectors (8) WAFA Football Academy. Form Ghana international (forestry) is also an affiliate company but not a direct subsidiary.


What accomplishment are you most proud of/What have you been able to achieve so far?

My proud achievements so far have been my role in the acquisition of our stake in NorPalm and the successful revival of the Integrated Tamale Fruit Company (ITFC) business since it was dormant for the past 4 years. This year, the business was restarted and currently provides about 110 direct jobs for rural women in the North. My background and training in Risk Management and Control and my training as a Chartered Accountant have been of tremendous help. It enabled me contribute my part to the growth and consolidation of most of our businesses to create synergies and help them grow. These are key highlights.


How has your experience with GNBCC been so far and what do you expect for the future?

It has been great. I like the annual breakfast meeting with the Ambassador where GIPC and industry professionals come to address us and create a discourse on what affects our businesses and the possible upsides and downsides. For the future, I look forward to more collaborations and synergies created across the membership of GNBCC.


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